Event Poster System


This project’s purpose was to create a visual system for an event which included a tabloid sized poster, a 5.5″ X 8.5″ flyer, and a web banner.  The three pieces had to have a cohesive visual style and be topic appropriate.


I tried many different layouts in a variety of grids and graphic elements.  I began by sketching very basic layouts and experimenting with different grids. I chose a 9 column grid, and eventually I settled on the typography.


I then began to explore options, both of layout and graphics, using the grid and typography I chose.  As the text was blocked, I chose to continue with the square theme and create geometric shapes.



In the end, I felt that staying in a column format was the most clear and created the most impactful visuals.  Having created rectangular shapes, I then connected the height of the rectangles to a vanishing point and created the illusion of sides and shadows.

I simplified this format to fit on a 5.5″ X8.5″ flyer which featured one of the speakers.


The final piece as to create a web banner with specific pixel dimensions.  It was a challenge to create graphics and type that wouldn’t become too small for the resolution.  I altered the layout and graphics, but in a way that was in keeping with the overall visual system.