This video is the result of a class project that provided me an introduction to using Adobe After Effects. The prompt was to  create a 3-4 minute video explaining a design principle.  I chose the principle of Biophilia, a topic in which I am quite interested.  I began the process through research, investigating the characteristics, definition, and context of Biophilia.  I began by writing a script of the information I wanted to include, as well as my estimation of the amount of time that would be devoted to each topic.

I then though about visual style and composition through exploratory sketching.  At first, I wanted to focus on watercolor, but realized the amount or work involved in any sort of analog animation was far beyond the time constraint of this project.


While experimenting with the visual style of the animation, I moved on to storyboarding to narrow in on a general video composition.

Originally, I loved the idea of carrying kinetic typography throughout the entire video, making words the focal point for illustrating the concept.  However, after a session of critique and further consideration, I felt that focusing on words for three minutes straight ran the risk of losing the viewer’s attention. I moved on to developing a ‘flat’ style of animation, and chose a color palette.  It took a little bit of practice to find the correct level of detail and abstraction for this particular style, as I had never attempted it before.


As I began to put the video together, I quickly realized that I had far too much information for the length of the video.  I cut some of the topics, such as bio-mimicry, for the sake of the overall composition of the video. For example, I wanted to work in the below frame of a building with bone-like structured columns, but time would not allow for it.


If I were to take this video further, I would definitely cut a little bit more of the content, to help with the timing and flow. Either that, or I would find music that was perhaps slightly longer or loop-able, in order to put in more of the information.