RyeCatcher: Optimizing for Mobile

This project was a six-week team effort to redesign a mobile version of the RyeCatcher platform.  RyeCatcher is an educational aid for teachers to better serve children K-12 who may need extra attention, whether for learning disabilities or behavioral management.  I worked with three other students to optimize the mobile experience.

We chose an approach that focused on the following design principles:


Minimal Navigation

Students First

Summarize Actionable Data

Enable Opportunities for Sharing


While this was a collaborative effort and all team members participated in every step in the process, my primary responsibilities were to wireframe the student pages, both for an individual and aggregate student groups, and develop a cohesive style for the entire app.

Site Map

page flow_Artboard 1

Final Style Sheet

Style Sheet-01

Annotated Student Wireframes

Iterative Process

Progression Graphic-01


High Fidelity Mockups – Student Pages