Stronger than the Dinosaurs

CONTEXT While overall vaccination compliance in Allegheny County is quite good, the rates of the optional HPV vaccine are dismal.  The CDC recommends the vaccine for 11-12 year olds, as it prevents human papilloma virus infections that are directly correlated to certain types of cancer. In conjunction with the Allegheny County Health Department, my partner and… Continue reading Stronger than the Dinosaurs

A Considerate Tea Strainer

  CONTEXT The context for this project was coffee/tea making.  In this particular case, I chose to design a control for a micro-interaction involved in loose leaf tea making, specifically, a modified tea strainer that would help to prevent overfilling the teapot and inundating your freshly made tea with unwanted tea leaves.  The primary goals… Continue reading A Considerate Tea Strainer

RyeCatcher: Optimizing for Mobile

This project was a six-week team effort to redesign a mobile version of the RyeCatcher platform.  RyeCatcher is an educational aid for teachers to better serve children K-12 who may need extra attention, whether for learning disabilities or behavioral management.  I worked with three other students to optimize the mobile experience. We chose an approach that… Continue reading RyeCatcher: Optimizing for Mobile